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ATOM wellness Respirometer Spirometer Lung exerciser with FREE ATOM Shield 50s box of 3 ply surgical face mask with ear loop

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This bundled offer contains ATOM wellness Spirometer 3 Ball Lung Exerciser for Breathing Exercise with free ATOM Shield 50s box of 3 ply surgical face mask with ear loop.

Incentive Spirometry is recommended by Pulmonologists for improving lung capacity and ensuring better stamina and breathing for the user. Place the spirometer pipe at mouth level, exhale normally before inhaling., Inhale thoroughly until lifting the three balls (if, possible), Hold inspiration as long as possible., Remove the mouthpiece and exhale., Repeat the process. The entire unit can be dismantled for cleaning by removing the white base, the tubing and even the mouthpiece. It is necessary to maintain hygiene of your respiratory tract. Helps improve lung capacity for patients of Tuberculosis (TB), Pneumonia, Low SPO2 (Oxygen) concentration, Asthma, COPD etc.

ATOM Shield Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask : Comes in 50s Self Dispenser Box , with ear loops , middle melt blown layer, odor free, hypoallergenic , plastic nose wire. The box can be kept in entrance of establishments / homes so users can easily pull out and wear the disposable masks. ATOM Shield Self Dispenser Box : Has been designed such that the masks are untouched by hand and are kept safe from dust and moisture. The slot on top of the box is ideal for pulling out the mask for each use. The box can be kept at entrance of hotels , shops ,restaurants for the visitors to pull out a mask on entry into the establishment.